Steve Aoki closes 2020 with Arknights’ soundtrack

end like thisAt the end of this year, Steve Aoki releases a new great record named: End Like This.

This song is a clear reference to a masterpiece from the past, such as Ladi Dadi, known to the most. End Like This bring us back in time but with a touch of modernity. For this record, which is also the Arknights video game’s soundtrack, Steve Aoki collaborates with Yellow Claw and proves how easy is for him to navigate different music genres. During 2020, he released some interesting tunes such as LIES, Imagine, Love you more, and those included in the album Neon Future IV. “End like this” is just the cherry on top of the cake.

So, what more can be expected from Steve in the following 2021? In the meantime, do not forget that, on new year’s eve, he will propose a live-streaming event with Grand Park NYELA.

Release Date: 28 December 2020 » Ultra Records | Spotify | Apple Music |



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