Topic relaunches Breaking Me with Sasha Alex Sloan’s vocal

What if 955 million streams (counting Spotify only) were not enough for him? Topic is insatiable; we get it. Famous after Breaking Me in the pre-pandemic 2019, he made the world aware of his skills in the field of electronic music. Several #releases became absolute hits, then he found his passion in remakes, and he did very well!

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Saving MeBut let’s get back to his first single: Breaking Me. Numbers speak loud and clear. With almost a billion streams, why not remix it in a more electronic style with a female vocal by Sasha Alex Sloan? Well, here it is!

It is not a simple remix but a complete remake in a more electronic key, and with a new title (now “Saving Me”), Breaking Me is back to the Dance world with an exclusive on Amazon Music on Tomorrowland’s opening day, where the German artist performs twice.

Release Date: 15 July 2022 » Tomorrowland Music |


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