Paninaro by Lost Frequencies, the remake explained by EDM Lab

It’s not a novelty, the music of the present also takes its cue from the past, and the #EDM has recently taken us in with the eighties.

This is the time of Lost Frequencies, who remembered a hit by the 1986 of the mythical Pet Shop Boys, two of the greatest exponents of British Synth Pop. We are talking about “Paninaro“, one of the individual extracts from “Alive and Feeling Fine“, the new album of the Belgian dj producer.

For the younger ones it might seem like a song like many others, but the older ones will probably make sense of this song, and even more so the former Milanese teenagers of that musical decade and beyond.

Listen here to the original version of the Pet Shop Boys album

The Paninari, in fact, they are young people from Milan who in the ’80s created a phenomenon of costume, then spread throughout Italy and abroad, characterized by an obsession with designer clothes and adherence to a lifestyle based on consumption in fast food in the city center (the term paninaro comes from the first meeting place, the bar “Al panino”).

Theirs was a subculture based on hedonism and superficiality, on the perfect image of the person, on being fashionable and making a career, a style that conditioned clothing and language and that was inspired by idols or musical and cinematographic genres.

On Saturday evening, the sandwiches moved to the disco and still today revival evenings are organized, where visitors, now adults, dress in clothes of the time.

Who knows, maybe the young Felix wanted to revive that period, or simply proposed the typical modern version of an old record, in a way that perhaps does not like its fans and even those of the Pet Shop Boys.

Release Date: 4 October 2019 » Found Frequencies | Spotify | Apple Music


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