Lady Gaga announces the release date of “Chromatica”

After several rumors and a long wait, Lady Gaga finally announces the release date of her new album Chromatica.

The album that will include 16 tracks and 3 bonus tracks is coming next May 29th, 2020, and is going to get us during the early summer of 2020. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Chromatica I
  2. Alice
  3. Stupid Love (we talked about it here)
  4. Rain On Me (feat. Ariana Grande) Chromatica
  5. Free Woman
  6. Fun Tonight
  7. Chromatica II
  8. 911
  9. Plastic Doll
  10. Sour Candy (feat. Blackpink)
  11. Enigma
  12. Replay
  13. Chromatica III
  14. Sine From Above (feat. Elton John)
  15. 1000 Doves
  16. Babylon

Between the many featuring and “guest” artists of new Lady G’s album, there will be famous names as Elton John, listed in “Sine From Above,” and Ariana Grande in “Rain On Me”

Will be included in the album, even a few Bonus Tracks: “Love Me Right,” “1000 Doves (Piano Demo),” e “Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix).”

Release Date: May 29th, 2020 » Pre-Save


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