#Release | Pascal Letoublon & MNI – Touch

If you love the chill vibes, French talent Pascal Letoublon is an artist who will help you reach a new sky through the soundscapes, with the highest prestige of having created the anthem ‘Friendships’ joins force the Anonymous Berlin-based group MNI to drop ‘Touch’

Out now across all platforms, ‘Touch’ to lift the troubles from all who listen within seconds of pressing play because has an intoxicating soundscape. This track provides atmospherically entracing sensibilities soft melody with its contagious modern electronic sounds of synth ladden and pop infused.

The title track kicks off this flyover through a dreamy meadow and transports to the best days at the beachby introducing hypnotic, memorable vocal samples. The otherworldly instruments sweep up from the clouds and set the voyage’s tone through the mystical sky throughout its runtime.

Release Date: 25 February 2022 » Virgin Records | Apple Music | Spotify |



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