Notfunk – Cuéntame Algo [PROMOTED]

On EDM Lab, the new month corresponds to new exclusive promotions. It is our great pleasure to talk again about the duo Notfunk, that you have already met on our channels in 2019. Erica and Tiziano Cappiello ring the alarm of emergency radio again after having tested new house influences with On My Own.

notfunk cuéntame algo Notfunk this time, choose a much more chill, summer, and Latin sound with Cuéntame Algo, a song with a Spanish and English vocal. A song to taste your happy hour on the shore of Miami or Ibiza.

Notfunk is a promising duo. You could follow their socials, where often take place live sessions with performing musical instruments and analog synths. The group is continuously experimenting with new sounds for their releases, like the new Cuéntame Algo. If you want to know them better, here is our exclusive interview. Otherwise, we recommend you to follow their Instagram and Facebook channels.

Release Date: 19 June 2020 » Spotify | Apple Music | LinkTree |



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