Is Michael Calfan back to progressive?

This is the incipit: Is Michael Calfan back to progressive? This question arises if you listen to the latest release of the French producer. He is loved and estimated thanks to his always perfect tracks.

Our appreciation for Michael Calfan was probably originated from the tracks listed below. Meanwhile, did you listen to Last Call? Does this remind you of something?

It was the year 2011, it was the dawn of the golden age of the “EDM” with the Progressive House genre. Michael Calfan (with the magical touch of Axwell) was releasing RESURRECTION, probably one of the most magnificent progressive tracks ever made, a masterpiece.

Last Call Last Call, the new track of Calfan, looks like the same project of Resurrection, characterized by some little different chords, a very similar beat, and a bassline little more modern.

Let’s go deeper: after a while of the release of Resurrection, in 2013, between many Unreleased tracks, started appearing on the web Last Call, a new version pretty close to Resurrection, which probably it would be its follow up. The track was never released.

After seven long years, this Friday 31st July, Last Call has been published in a more fresh and modern version, allowing ourselves to hope that Micheal Calfan is coming back to the Progressive House genre. Otherwise, might be a gift for nostalgic fans like us. Among some online rumors, it showed up also a probable official release of the original version of this track, which, according to someone could be released very soon (with vocals?) even that it was anticipated by Kryder in his Kryteria Radio 249 (here).



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