Martin Garrix annuncia il suo album ‘Sentio’

After a break from “festival music” lasted two years, Martin Garrix will return and amaze us with his first club album, Sentio, released on 29th April.

Martin Garrix - Sentio ArtworkThe title of the album is not casual. Indeed, ‘Sentio‘ means to experiment, to feel. For Garrix, it is crucial to use all our senses, particularly after the reopening of the world after the pandemic. The DJ also decided to create a new live show called ‘Sentio.’

Martin says he did not produce club music during the pandemic because of the little-to-no live events. However, we listened to many new IDs at the Lollapalooza, and most of them will be released one at a time. So far, we can listen to “Follow” with Zedd and “Limitless” with the Dutch DJ Mesto. More tracks will be released every Tuesday and Friday of the following weeks until the album’s release date.

EDIT: The entire album is out today, Aprile 29th, 2022- via STMPD RCRDS | Apple Music |


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