Everything about ‘Lioness’ by SHM you need to know

The rumored and long-awaited “Lioness” by the Swedish House Mafia is finally out.

Lioness is the first and, hopefully not the last, release of 2024 for the Swedish trio that, back in July 2023, during Tomorrowland 2023, promised a new album by the end of the summer (we covered it here) that has never arrived. Perhaps they forgot about it? Certainly not. Was it a deliberate decision? Probably yes, mainly because we know how the Swedish trio is meticulous regarding new music, and they prefer not to follow the “one song per week” trend. So, pauses and breaks are most welcome if the results are, after all, epic.

Also, for this record, things have not been easy:

LionessWe noted several plays during the worldwide tour in the past months, all in different versions, without a final one that fully satisfied the Swedish trio. Finally, the announcement during one of the latest shows, about a month ago, in which they declared the song was finally complete and that it would have arrived shortly.

Now, Lioness is available, and we can tell it is not entirely original, and this is a rare situation for the Swedish House Mafia. This time, the collaboration with Niki & The Dove relies on a borrowed vocal sample from the song “Mother Protect” by a Swedish duo that will be revived the way SHM knows how to do. Here, you can listen to the original version.

We know 2024 is not over for SHM, as we are all waiting for the release of Finally, which should contain vocals by Alicia Keys and be one of the best pieces to listen to during 2024.

Release Date: 7 June 2024 » Universal | Apple Music | Spotify |




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