KOWZ drop stunning Dubstep EP “SEVEN” !

The renowned French producer and DJ duo KOWZ have had a major impact on music scene. After Extinction EP successful, the duo has just drop his new EP where they also teamed up with Daryl Di Kar for their 3 tracks.

This thematic and explosive new dubstep EP is perfectly done with breathtaking orchestral elements, everything fits with certain characteristics keeping in mind the number 7 “a magic number”.

Tracks kicks off with best and modern mid-tempo and stunning – dubstep vibes and KOWZ knows how to combines perfectly orchestral and rap voices.

The purpose of Seven is to make the listeners aware of what their own sins ‘PRIDE, GLUTTONY, SLOTH, WRATH, LUST and GREED’. Each of these songs was created under the influence of specific mood and emotions.

Release Date : 26 January 2022 » Intercession Records | Apple Music | Spotify |


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