Kleopatra Drops New Bass-House Single ‘Drop The Top’

Rising talent Utah-based DJ and producer Kleopatra known for her trademark aggressive and moody take on dubstep, Drop The Drop sees multifaceted talents experiment with a more dancefloor-friendly production style, further showcasing her ability to touch both ends of the bass spectrum.

Kleopatra Drop The Top, kicking off with sharp, stabbing synth-work, glitch-like elements, perfectly paired with a pitched down vocal-cut, the track immediately captures the listeners attention, leaving them eagerly waiting for what’s to come next.

The vocals take the focal point of the track, slowly building in tension, ultimately unleashing a four-on-the-floor bass-house beat that serves a transmittable fire through the ears, transporting listeners to a sonic soundscape.

Serving as an energetic roller coaster of bass drenched sounds, ‘Drop The Top’ marks a stellar addition to Kleøpatra’s thriving discography.

Release Date: 21 October 2022 » IRIDIUM | Spotify |



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