Ice Cream becomes the new Tik Tok hit

Ice Cream” is already viral on TikTok, thanks to the video tutorial to learn the dance moves realized by Blackpink and Selena Gomez.

ice creamWe already introduced you to Ice Cream in the #10TRACKS POP DANCE dated 8 September, a track that confirms the collaboration among the South Korean K-Trap group and Selena. Due to the distance, the young singers found a way to stay united and keep up with their unique friendship by releasing video tutorials on how to dance their newest piece.


Na na na na na 🎶 #icecream🍦

♬ Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) – BLACKPINK


Selena Gomez, after the release of her single together with Blackpink, thanked the South Korean group for reaching 1 million followers in a few hours thanks to the song.

If we want to talk about numbers, recently, Blackpink reached the 13th position in the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to the song Ice Cream, becoming the first South Korean band to achieve a similar goal.


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