Sofi Tukker are coming live in Italy

Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern, also known as Sofi Tukker are coming back in Italy for their world tour on wednesday 21 september 2022 at the Fabrique club in Milan. This is their only date in our country.
The tickets are available on Vivo Club and they’re being sold starting from 10:00 on friday 4 March.

Sofi Tukker fabriqueSofi Tukker have also just published their new song, called “Forgive Me“, which went out on 4 March. The track was born in collaboration with the producer Mahmut Orhan.

The track is from the extracts of “WET TENNIS“, their new album which they will publish on 29 April. We have already listened to a preview of the project with “Original Sin“, (which we talked about here) that has already breached 3 milion streams all over the world asserting itself as a winning card for the new-york based duo.

So, can’t wait for Sofi Tukker @ Fabrique (Milan) on 21 September 2022.



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