Hardwell: “Rebels Never Die,” the album, is OUT NOW

HardwellAfter retirement from the stages that lasted four years, we mentioned that HARDWELL IS BACK! The pioneer of Big Room, six months ago, astonished everyone when he returned to the stage of the Ultra Miami 2022. A fantastic comeback, followed by a world tour and a new album!

A new album titled as the new slogan of Hardwell’s return: “Rebels Never Die.” A 14-tracks long journey, shaped week after week and release after release. Now, “Rebels Never Die” is complete!

Fourteen solo tracks, among which “Into The Unknown,” “Godd,” “Feel Like Dancing,” “Pacman,” and “Laser.” Tracks capable of shaking any club or main stage.

Together with the release of the album, also the fourteenth track has been released concluding the journey and proposing itself as the title track of the album with its philosophy. Lyrics in “Rebels Never Die” are pivotal of Hardwell’s career. “Live live to the fullest, don’t be afraid to die, legends live forever, but Rebels Never Die”.


The album is characterized by experimentation, the use of new schemes and new sounds. A sudden shift toward something harder and less mainstream. More 2022 and less articulated. The new music by Hardwell arrives straight, hit hard, and reflect his artistic origins. He takes something from Trance, Techno, and Big Room. It is not Future Rave but, as we labeled his new music, it is “Techno Rave.” Labels that Hardwell, in his being a rebel without labels, feels too tight on himself. The content of “Rebels Never Die” is a dive in the past, to the deepest roots of EDM, but freshened and reorganized looking at the future tendencies.

“I hate to be caught up in one particular genre. I always try to make music I love to play out. I don’t consider myself a mainstream artist, techno, or big room artist, I consider myself Hardwell, and this is what Hardwell is. If it’s not a genre, then it’s not a genre; it’s just me.”

Release Date: 9 September 2022 » Revealed Recordings | Apple Music | Spotify |



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