#Release | Riton x Oliver Heldens – Turn Me On (ft. Vula)

We’re still dancing to the notes of the remake of Madison Mars (played in our podcast) named New Vibe Who Dis that there is already another!

Let’s be clear, in a period of musical transition like this, the easiest thing to do for any dj producer is to go back to the hits of the past and show all his skills with a nice modern remake and in step with the times. Madison Mars tried and now he’s putting his hands on it, too Oliver Heldens.

Turn Me On, the remake of Yazoo‘s 1982 planetary hit, Don’t Go, by Riton, Oliver Heldens and Vula, is released on Friday 13 September. (listen here). An evergreen disc that’s good to listen to again. Oliver adds as much as he can by making himself known with his kick and entrusts the vocal part, very different from the original, to Vula. In the disc there is also the influence of Riton. In short, Turn Me On is another well done remake and it’s nice to hear about a record that is about to be 40 years old.

Release Date: 13 September 2019 » Ministry of Sound Records | Spotify |



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