Tiesto & SOLARDO together for a great house track

The duo from Manchester, SOLARDO, keeps releasing great tunes and, this time collaborates with Tiesto.

i can't waitTitled I Can’t Wait, the song is far from that powerful sound that has characterized their pieces in the past years, and that was typical of the former god of Trance, Tiesto. Thus, it is a relatively “house-oriented” track but rich in modern influences. We would say that the sound is perfect, but maybe it would have been better for the summer. SOLARDO‘s hands here are easy to perceive. Those from Tiesto are a bit less, but we appreciate their efforts anyway.

I Can’t Wait’ was produced during the pandemic but released only now. It is a witness to that ugly period that we all experienced. The only positive note is that during that period, a lot of great music was produced, and we are enjoying it in these months and, for sure, there will be much more to listen to soon. The vocal is by Poppy Baskcomb. If you listen to our radio show, you could listen to it as a premiere a week before the official release.

Release Date: 9 December 2022 » Musical Freedom | Apple Music | Spotify |



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