Becky Hill sings on the notes of Heaven by Manian from 2007

Despite being famous for a while, Becky Hill, too, got tempted to propose a remake.

becky hill heavenIt is time for Heaven, a song that many remember in the Dance version from 2007 by DJ Manian. But, then, Heaven was a powerful track that paved the road for the advent of EDM the way we know it. It was already a remake of a song by Bryan Adams from 1984. Sixteen years after the vocal by Alia, it is replaced by Becky Hill‘s beautiful voice for such an iconic piece.

This remake respects the “original” version by Manian, but here, the vocal by the English singer revives a great classic of Dance music.

Release Date: 19 January 2023 » Universal | Spotify | Apple Music |


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