Earth Calling, the message-track by Mastik Lickers [Promoted]

We talk again about the Sicilian duo “Mastik Lickers” within our Promoted rubric with great pleasure. We have already met them a few months ago through our exclusive interview in which we had the opportunity to focus on their promising project (you can read here the interview).

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Davide Messina and Luigi Lazzari anticipated to us that the period in lockdown was very profitable. Several studio sessions gave life to some important projects, and, finally, it is time to unveil the first news: Earth Calling was released on the 23rd of September on Ensis Records!
Earth Calling

Earth Calling is a dance track characterized by a radiophonic taste with #Tropical influences, perfect for your Spotify playlist (from here) to listen in these fall days. The theme exposed by the vocal of the tracks, very well made, is that of the Climate Change and of the messages that Earth sends us every day, just Earth Calling.

We are slowly destroying our planet. Why not use a good track to remember that we should have an active role in this fight for the change? Mastik Lickers are very sensitive concerning this subject; Earth Calling can serve us as a warning to build a better world (full of good music). The track also has an official video showing some heartwarming pictures of what men are causing to the planet; we sincerely suggest you watch it!

Release Date: 23 September 2020 » Ensis Records | Spotify | Apple Music |



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