Dubstep producer Crankdat unleash his aggressive new track, “Ding Dong”

Versatile bass producer Crankdat has returned to Monstercat with his cheeky yet aggressive new track, “Ding Dong” drawing inspiration from the viral “Bing Bong” videos and memes.

Ding Dong

Crankdat – ‘Ding Dong’ is a 128 BPM breakbeat, dubstep, and house track when The opening track begins with an evil voice with laughter like that of a bad robot before the beat begins the first drop is bouncy and fun, and the second drop goes super heavy where later on rougher and thicker voices are accentuated

Beyond that, Crankdat continues to deliver other spellbinding, bass – dubstep – infused similar sounds and vocals from the original into his own chaotic breakbeat version to make this like soon to be a summer festival stomper.

Release Date: 23 June 2022 » Monstercat | Apple Music | Spotify |


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