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David Guetta is definitely in a hyperproductive phase, exploring multiple styles, genres, and aliases. He continues his commercial success with various EDM remixes under his own name, David Guetta. Additionally, he carries forward the Future Rave project with MORTEN, while also embracing the underground scene with his alter ego, Jack Back.

Fortunately, his foray into house music is less hectic. After the somewhat underwhelming Electro Pop experiment “Case Of The Ex” in February, he now brings us the new collaboration “The Walk To Church” with the mysterious and masked English duo, Wh0.

The title perfectly encapsulates the track: a superb gospel-infused anthem that beautifully complements Roland Clark‘s powerful and unmistakable vocals. The song features an infectious drop and clapping that guarantee an electrifying response on the dance floors. In other words, it captures the quintessential “Jack Back” vibe.

When I was a little boy My mamma used to take me to church And I’d see all the people clapping their hands and rejoicing in the isles and singing songs… You see, all churches have a preacher But we call them the DJ.

So, what has the French maestro brought us in the past before “The Walk To Church”? In 2018, David Guetta, under his alter ego, treated us to intriguing tracks like “It Happens Sometimes” and “2000 Freaks Come Out.” Let’s also not forget about “Feeling” from 2022.

Release Date: 12 May 2023 » Spinnin Records | Spotify | Apple Music |

This piece was wrote by: Alessandro MuriDJ


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