Alex Gaudino & Bottai work on Children by Robert Miles

It is now clear and accepted that this period is particularly rich in remakes from the past. However, one among the most iconical tracks, one was still missing. It is now the turn of Children by Robert Miles, who passed away in 2017.

Going back in time by one week, during our “Best of Today #Release” podcast on Friday 14 of February, we proposed two remakes of two very famous records: Get Get Down by Paul Johnson and Take A Chance by Mr.Flagio. Both of them are well done, but… does not it looks like there is a lack of ideas? Maybe.

Polemic aside, Alex Gaudino & Bottai worked on Children by Robert Miles, releasing their new version of that masterpiece. The first listening of their version is controversial, especially for the purists. A few tones from the well-know melody by Robert Miles are different, but the new version is not entirely bad. The Italian duo uses the vocal by Moncrieff & Blush that provides a modern “soul” touch to the remake. The remake of such a simple but iconic (and untouchable) piece is complicated, but remakes are always welcome if well-done.

This single, most likely, will end up in the radio airplay for a while. Although in a refreshed way, it will always be pleasant to listen to the chords that made Children great.

Release Date: 21 February 2020 » Ultra Records / Ministry Of Sound (Uk) | Spotify | Apple Music |




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