New music promotion this month on EDM Lab: it’s the turn of CyberLuke a.k.a. CBL, drum&bass dj and producer on stage since 2006 under different aliases and labels with the dream to bring back in vogue the famous Eurodance music genre that made us dream over 10 years ago.

CBL is one of those producers dedicated to music at 360 degrees, whose musical culture does not stop at a single genre, but travels between the sounds and experiments, so as to make him give up some psy-trance parties (one of his favorite genres) of his city to be closed in the studio and create a new musical challenge, new songs and EPs. CyberLuke is also technological innovation: computer programmer and hardware addicted in his free time, he is the creator of the first prototype “wifi finger ring” that was presented at the Rome exhibition makerspace in 2016, a sort of wifi ring that allows you to control, through the midi protocol, software for DJs like Traktor.

CBL‘s latest effort is the new track “Euro Anthem“, a mix of drum&bass sounds very inspired by the Eurodance mentioned above. The song was released in two different edits “Blue Mix” and “Red Mix“, both versions can be considered almost entirely instrumental, with small hints of vocal samples more present in the version “Red Mix”.
CBL is a young artist and visionary creator to be discovered, who knows if in a few years we will find him with the invention of the decade on his finger, we wish him that! Follow CBL on Spotify and Facebook.

Release Date: 27 June 2019 » Euro NRG  | JunoDownload


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