Calvin Harris, release a 2nd EP for #LoveRegenerator

Exactly 2 weeks after the release of the first EP, as well as presentation of the collateral project of Calvin Harris named “Love Regeneratorwhich we’ ve talked about here, there is already a second EP: Love Regenerator 2

The musical thread is always that of the first EP, a succession of musical experiments that span the world of

more varied electronic music. The first album of the EP is “The power of love 2” and it’s a potential Banger Hit characterized by sounds – once again – old school. Of course also in this case we are not in front of a radio record, but the heart of the record is melodic and romantic.

The second album of the EP is “Regenerate Love” and it’s more #techno with a mix of #acid sounds inside. Between the two is the one that less drove us crazy.

So, in anticipation of the summer radio hit Calvin Harris let continue to enjoy these musical experiments in the “back to the roots” of Calvin Harris



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