David Guetta, another ’90s remake to #1 on the charts

Announced and played at last year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the new song by David Guetta Is yet another remake of a record from the 1990s.

Baby Don't Hurt MeIt is called “Baby Don’t Hurt Me“, and even without listening to it, if you try to hum it, you will immediately remember which piece it is. If you couldn’t, well we’ll tell you. It is the song by Haddaway, What is Love, from 1993, a planetary hit of the Dance world of those years that resonates today in its original version almost everywhere.

What to do then? After taking up Blue by Eiffel 65 (here), David offers us a refreshing of another iconic tune by enlisting the help of the best voices and figures in the modern musical world who here correspond to Anne-Marie and Coi Leroy. The latter stars in the latest release of Guetta, Players.

A curiosity about the premiere of Baby Don’t Hurt Me: during the first plays of the song on the stage of Ultra, David Guetta “sympathetically” announced that the song will definitely become a #1 on the charts. He did it in a veiled way, but he did it. Arrogant? No, the #1 DJ in the world and that’s it. Here the video.

I wanna tank you for all the support on “I’m good” and making it a number 1, but we’re about to have a second number one.

Release Date: 7 April 2023 » Warner | Spotify | Apple Music |


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