B-Goss: Italian sound with a summer mood for the Dance world

This month on EDM Lab we’re talking about another Italian artist who has exported his know-how abroad dedicating himself to a sound with a summer mood: B-Goss

Gigi Giangrossi, a.k.a. B-Goss push dancefloor of Roman clubs since he was a teenager. DJ and vocalist have forged his musical culture over the years, up to the top of the international music industry. His single We Gon Ride in collaboration with Flo Rida and T-Pain held the highest positions in the iTunes Dance Chart (Japan) becoming a real viral phenomenon in the U.S. on MTV.

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The song, with more than a million streams on Spotify, was a further success with the official video that sees among the protagonists, the football player Keita Baldé and Mercedesz Henger, on KontorTV.

With a strong background, B-Goss made his way back to Italy releasing “Subura Su Sky”, a record in which he is producer and rapper. Later he will land on Sony Music with What’s On My Mind, a song in collaboration with David Celine.

B-Goss is part of the roster of Ancestrale Art Management and is ready to release a new album for mid-2020. More summer sound? We’ll soon find out. But in the meantime here is our exclusive interview to get to know him better.

Hi B-Goss, thanks for being with us here on EDM Lab, the Italian electronic music blog focused on new releases:

  • On EDM Lab we like to support talented Italian artists like you, tell us something about how your latest productions were born and your connection with music.

I started working as a Pr and then as a Vocalist in various nightclubs in Rome and this allowed me to acquire some knowledge that came in very useful for my collaborations regarding music productions.

  • Is there an artist, in particular, you’d like to collaborate with, and why?

I’ve always been a fan of Armin Van Buuren, it would be a dream to work with him. I’ve always liked him since the release of his album “State of Trance” back in the early 2000s. I think he is one of the most complete artists, a real musical genius.


  • The world of music production is very complex, how do you manage your time in the studio?

Honestly, I don’t really have an organization as far as my time in the studio is concerned. My songs are born from the inspiration of the moment, so my single “We Gon Ride” in collaboration with Flo Rida & T-Pain was born.


  • What song will you play to open one of your future sets and why?

At this difficult time, I find it complicated to answer this question because you don’t really know when you will be able to go back to performing in the various clubs. Most likely I’ll play an unreleased one of my own.


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Stay at home, respect the rules and we’ll all be back to partying soon!

Thanks for being with B-Goss, we’re looking forward to your next album!


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