Avicii’s Forgive Me leak has been released on Beatport

Avicii’s Forgive Me leak is out on Beatport, this unreleased dubstep production and totally out of the avicii style we’re used to hearing is released.

Up to now, countless Avicii‘s leaks like collaborations, bootlegs, remixes and co-productions have been leaked. Songs from ‘I Wanna Be Free’ ‘Calico’ ‘Lay Me Down’ with Adam Lambert ‘Let’s Ride Away’ and ‘I Can’t Relate’ and mong others with many world-renowned singers.

But let’s try to understand about this:


In 2019, Blacc in an IG post mentions the song with more collaborations that have already been released.

As comes to a close that year, a snippet was shared, giving us the first sounds and the exact voice of who sang this record. Starting the 2020 is leak ‘Forgive Me’ making fans craze and love for avicii’s rare and different style , perfectly fitting the voices of the Aloe, features very similar sound selection to Avicii ‘Get Free’ (Edit). In April, was made an 24-Hour Avicii Tribute Live Hosting by Aloe Blacc, This livestream is a 24h tribute to Tim there he interviewed Tim’s father Klas Bergling, Sandro Cavazza, David Guetta, Mike Posner, Don Diablo and many of them that worked with Tim and his music and where talking about the making of the unreleased track “Please Forgive Me” and playing an other leaked version, more finished made by Tim’s friend ‘Felix Hubertz’, so maybe Tim might have a part in the drop also.

In November 2020, in another interview, Aloe Blacc mentioned working with Avicii on a dubstep track. Although Aloe didn’t reveal the title, it is likely that he refers to a song called Please Forgive Me. Back in April 2020, Aloe has already mentioned it as a track with dark, dubstep vibes.

Finally, on the third anniversary of Avicii‘s death (2021), Aloe Blacc hosted his annual celebration of his late friend and collaborator and in a streaming on Instagram Live earlier Tuesday (April 20) shared some of the backstory from another unreleased collab called “Please Forgive Me,” which he and Bergling worked on together at Westlake Recording Studios in Los Angeles. always thought this was such a powerfully strong instrumental and lyric,” Blacc said while playing part of a track called “Please Forgive Me,” which Bergling never finished because it didn’t quite fit on his 2013 album, True.

Is an Official Release?

Avicii Forgive MeWas leaked on January 15, 2020 on the network and no one has the power to release it, and really only has the power of people who control [Tim’s] estate, but Avicii – Forgive Me was released under Avicii’s name, probably someone using a Global digital distribution make this for fun, tried to get it released and succeed.

The song is not available on digital streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music but only via Beatport as you can see on the embedded player below.

Release Date: 08 June 2022 » Beatport | Lyrics |


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