ARKLEY aka Pete Bott debuts solo with “Music (Over & Over)”

ARKLEY aka Pete Bott decides to become a soloist and returned to his original musical influence through a joyous fusion of cleverly juxtaposed samples and undeniable knack for making irresistible tracks.

“Music (Over & Over)” produced by Arkley in his home studio and mastered by Mike Marsh (The Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Cassius, Calvin Harris), shows inspired by Avalanches, Dangerous mice, and dust brothers Unique sampling style. A former member of Heads We Dance and a former member scene of the vocal D&B actor Deuce & Charger.

The artist, after releasing on VIPER, LostTogether and FIXT, now debut on TYM Recordings. “Music (Over & Over)” brings back the purest Funky music. Like a disco-house music with groove vibes and with unique synth-heavy punchy sound.

I’m so happy with ‘Music…’ and knew it had to be my first record as I’ve basically managed to cram a lifetime of favourite influences into one track!

— ARKLEY (@arkleymusic)

Release Date : 20 August 2021 » TILEYARD | Apple Music | Spotify |


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