“The Spirit” by Bakermat it’s the new summer sensation

The master of funk, gospel, soul, folk and house is back with the release of his second album ‘The Spirit’ and wecouldn’t be more excited! So if you’re in the mood for those classic Bakermat vibes this album is definitely going to be your thing.

It has been almost 2 years since the Dutch DJ/ producer Bakermat presented to the world the most complete and luxurious piece of art called “The Ringmaster” including Baianá released on 05/10/2019 and IN FRENCH CHARTS: TOP “24”, week (60)

Among the 12 tracks contained in the musical album, bakermat has made sure that all of them are beautiful in the sense of high quality, unique and that is why he has excellent collaborations without losing his style and adapting to the musical expectations of 2021.

“Walk That Walk” which has been a sensation since it was released a few weeks ago, “Resist” with classic vocals and new nuances and pretty “Bye Bye”, which was a collaboration with Lex Empress, created a simple interlude style track to end the album, and “Goodbye” was born. It’s simple, very subtle and emotional, and it’s a great way to end the journey through all the worlds living in the “spiritual” without losing traces of his very melodic song from his past album like “Out Of Control” ft. Savannah Jeffreys.

Bakermat combined samples of gospel, soul music and folk songs perfectly with exciting piano and saxophone to create a series of beautiful songs suitable for summer. The diversity of styles and genres is high, and I also tried classical music and spoken language elements.

Finally, And is so difficult to fint a series of different genres and styles that complement each other perfectly as avicii did. The opening song of the album and the title song “The Spirit” perfectly introduces the record journey, and sample the make The incredible “spirit in the dark”.

The EDM Lab Team recommends listening to the entire album for roadtrips, holidays and other fun times with friends and family during this summer. Bakermat – The Spirit (Album) (ffm.to)

Release Date: 25 June 2021 » Be Yourself | Spotify | Apple Music |


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