Lorde comes back with the album Solar Power

After Melodrama, which is dated back 4 years ago, Solar Power represents the return of Lorde to the music business. The album will be released on 20 August and is anticipated by the homonymous single Solar Power. The track tells about the feelings of the artist when she is in contact with nature.


“A friend of mine took this picture while I was overriding him. It’s a bit hardcore but for me represents the expression of joy. It seems innocent, playful, and a bit wild.”
Moreover, from 2022, Solar Power will give the name at the next Lorde’s tour. The artist will also perform in Italy:
on 16 June 2022 in Rome and on 17 June 2022 in Verona.


Below you can read the Solar Power’s tracklist :
1- The Path
2- Solar Power
3- California
4- Stoned in the Nail Salon
5- Fallen Fruit
6- Secrets from a Girl (Who’s Seen It All)
7- The Man with an Axe
8- Dominoes
9- Big Star
10- Leader of a New Regime
11- Mood Ring
12- Oceanic Feeling


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