Daft Punk, one last time with RAM 10th Anniversary

For some people, the publication of the special edition for the tenth anniversary of Random Access Memories is nothing special.

However, for others like me has been a great joy.

Every big fan of these robots knows that the release of this “Special” album is not usual or made to sell some extra records of one of the best EPs of all time. Random Access Memories 10th is much more than this. In addition to several exclusive Edits, Daft Punk published two new unpublished tracks.

“Infinity Repeating” and “Prime” are these two tracks which, it seems, have been cut just before the publication of the latest project of the two French producers ten years ago. 

In “Prime,” we can notice the transition from their “Tron” style (a film by Disney characterized by a spectacular soundtrack produced by Daft Punk) to Random Access Memories. 

About “Infinity Repeating,“ please simply enjoy the voice of Julian Casablancas.


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