GIOLÌ & ASSIA Unveil Groundbreaking EP “RESURRECTION (ACT I)”

Renowned Italian duo Giolì & Assia have announced the release of their highly anticipated EP, RESURRECTION (ACT I), available now on their own label, Diesis Records. This dynamic collection introduces a new era for the duo, led by the electrifying single ‘God Don’t Leave Me Alone’.

RESURRECTION (ACT I) presents a mesmerizing fusion of Giolì & Assia’s distinctive style – a blend of classical elegance and contemporary urgency. Featuring four tracks, including the captivating lead single ‘God Don’t Leave Me Alone’, alongside fan favorites ‘Young Forever’, ‘I Missed You Too’, and ‘The Point of Living’.

This EP takes listeners on an emotive journey, epitomized by the raw energy of ‘God Don’t Leave Me Alone’, unveiled during their recent #DiesisLive performance (watch it here). Beginning as a haunting ballad, the track transforms into a powerful electronic anthem, showcasing the duo’s versatility across genres. From the fleeting nature of life depicted in ‘Young Forever’, to the poignant longing of ‘I Missed You Too’, and the existential exploration of ‘The Point of Living’ – each song offers a unique perspective.

“We are thrilled to share RESURRECTION (ACT I) with the world. This EP represents a significant evolution for us artistically. ‘God Don’t Leave Me Alone’ captures the essence of our journey, and releasing it on Diesis Records feels like a homecoming. We can’t wait to embark on this new chapter and share this music with our fans.” – Giolì & Assia

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From the haunting melodies of ‘God Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ to the introspective depths of ‘The Point of Living‘, each track on this EP offers a glimpse into the duo’s multifaceted talent. With their seamless fusion of classical and electronic elements, Giolì & Assia have crafted a collection that is both emotionally resonant and sonically innovative. As they embark on their RESURRECTION World Tour, we can’t help but anticipate the electrifying energy they’ll bring to stages around the globe. This EP is a must-listen for fans of boundary-pushing electronic music.

Release Date: 19 April 2024 » Diesis Records | Apple Music |


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