Armin Van Buuren – The 3-part album “Feel Again” is complete

A story that starts from the pandemic period that we all experienced intensely but was also the result of many great things including moments of reflection, rest and intense production for many DJs.

Feel AgainAmong them, Armin Van Buuren has been a protagonist by trying his hand at finding a new mental, spiritual and… musical. And he did it with a 3-part album of no less than 34 tracks, Feel Again. A collection of collaborations with the main EDM acts, but most of all an incredible amount of good music.

“I’m stoked and proud to finally share the full album,” has declared Armin van Buuren“To me, ‘Feel Again’ signifies a new beginning, as being lost without actively realizing it can whittle away at who you are. I’m happy to have found a new balance and a reinvigorated love for music, and I hope the album will remind and encourage listeners to stay connected and true to themselves.”

For Armin this album is reason for reconnection with friends and family, inner peace and the search for a good future. He himself reminds us that we never stop learning.

Feel Again is Armin’s eighth album, and represents a collection of all his songs heard in the past year. Indeed, recall that the first part of the collection was released as early as June 10, 2022, after several weeks of releases that would later make up the same. History then repeated itself in October 2022, with the release of Pt2. Finally this March 31, 2023, saw the trilogy completed with part #3.

A little treat for fans: the album will also be available in CD and Vinyl versions as well as digitally on streaming platforms.

We at EDM Lab have been taking you through all the various pieces of this puzzle, week by week, in our Best of Today #Release.

Release Date: 31 March 2023 » Armada | Spotify |


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