Alessandro Fontana – PANORAMA [Promoted]

Alessandro Fontana is not new on EDM Lab digital pages and is not a newcomer among talented Italian producers.

We talked about him on the occasion of his song “Keep on falling for you.” After a series of releases in which he confirmed his tremendous abilities, Alessandro completed his debut album, to be released on 14 June 2023.

It will be titled PANORAMA, and EDM Lab had the privilege to listen to it before its release. What we can say is that Alessandro confirms the impression we had of him. His potential is showcased in every single track, and he is growing stepwise. We believe PANORAMA will be a crucial milestone in his career.

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As Alessandro stated, “The album should be felt and not simply listened to.” Furthermore, several radio-friendly tracks carry the artist’s real passion for what he does. This is a critical nuance in a modern world where music is liquid and sometimes soulless.

But before we can enjoy such a musical, “Panorama,” let’s chat with Alessandro to understand his intentions better.

EDM Lab: Alessandro, can you tell us how this album was born?
Alessandro: Pre, post, and during the pandemic, I realized I had about 40 completed songs that I never shared with anybody. So, the decision to select the most significant and coherent was natural. However, I discarded everything to start fresh. It was such a mess… 
EDM Lab: Do you intend to follow a new artistic direction with this project?
Alessandro: Surely, I work hard on my sound, and in the album, you can find either radio-friendly tracks or ready for clubs and festivals.
EDM Lab: What is your artistic goal?
Alessandro: I want to be honest. I have no goal at this time. PANORAMA was inside me, and I had only decided it was worth sharing with the world. It will be just another business card to spread in the community. I do not care whether it goes well in the charts or not. What matters to me is that people feel my message.


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