#10TRACKS | Pop/Dance – October 29, 2019

Today we begin our #10TRACKS with a new version of the single by Spada “Melodya”. #10TRACKS Giorgio Prezioso, with his official remix, proposes a new version using the original vocal from the historical piece by Survivor – “TIGER”

The Londoner producer Blinkie choose the 17-years old Australian Celina Sharma to sing “MUST BE LOVE”, his latest tropical-house hit for the radio.

We can’t miss the re-make of the famous “PURE SHORES” by All Saints, here in the version with the duo between the Dutch Redondo and the British Anton Powers.

Sigma don’t give up on the drum & bass, the genre that brought many gold- and platinum-records in 2014/2015, and propose “YOU AND ME AS ONE”, sung by Jack Savoretti.

Let’s now talk about big names from the past but still on the top of the charts. The Black Eyed Peas discovered  (sigh) latin-pop sound and try a catch a hit that is missing from a long time. Their attempt uses a sample from the 90’s by Corona and the featuring with J Balvin. – “RITMO (BAD BOYS OF LIFE)”.

Katy Perry, after a good success with “Never Really Over” uses “HARLEYS IN HAWAII” to present her sixth album.

Alan Walker, often involved in videogames soundtracks (“Death Stranding” is the most recent), presents “GHOST” with the voice of Au/Ra.

Mika tries to hold tight his fan-base in France and Italy proposing – “TOMORROW”.

It is called “Everyday Life” the latest double album by Coldplay that will be released on 11/22. “ORPHANS” confirms the dance vein (without excesses) of Chris Martin’s band.

We end the #10TRACKS with the disco/soul “LIGHTS UP” by Harry Styles, already in the UK and U.S.A. TOP20.


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