Seven Lions announces a new EP

As anticipated a few hours ago on social media, Seven Lions announces a new EP.

Find Another WayThe new collection of masterpieces by Seven Lions, one among the artists that we blindly follow and love because of the dreamy music, will be named Find Another Way.

Recently, during our weekly podcast Best Of Today #Release, we proposed one of the latest releases of his label Ophelia Records, i.e., Underneath Waves, (listen to it at the minute 42.15).

Now, it is time to wait a few more days before being able to enjoy it. Seven Lions announces:

I put a lot of love and energy into each one of these songs and I really hope they bring you some happiness in these crazy times.

This should be the tracklist of Find Another Way that will be released on March 27, 2020.

  1. Remember with Au5, Crystal Skies

  2. Only Now feat. Tyler Graves

  3. Senseless feat. Tyler Graves

  4. Another Waywith April Bender

  5. What’s Done Is Done feat HALIENE


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