#Premiere | Martin Garrix and Zedd | New collaboration?

Martin Garrix and Zedd. Two dance music superstars have shared a series of cryptic videos that could conceal big news on the horizon. Garrix posted a brief video that we assume could be a work in progress of a future new song if it can currently be called a song, but we like to think positively.

Looking forward to this collab from @Zedd and @MartinGarrix. 🔥 pic.twitter.com/RC0WPgy2Gj

– Zedd Charts 🐙 (@ChartsZedd) November 2, 2021

It all started in December 2019, when Garrix and Zedd were in Indonesia via a Twitter platform rumor. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if this is an upcoming release. The only certainty we can give you, as usual, is always the same: stay tuned to our media for all future info about it.

Update March 22: The collaboration between Zedd and Martin Garrix will be released on March 25, 2022 and will be called “Follow”.


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