New music coming soon for Skrillex

The 2023 of Skrillex Is about to become even more devastating!

The U.S. DJ and producer has already released two albums in 2023, but it looks like two more are on the way after a post he shared on his social channels.

Skrillex published “Quest For Fire” (we talked about it here) his long-awaited second career album in February, before releasing “Don’t Get Too Close” less than 24 hours later, completely sending the entire edm world and beyond into a tailspin…

As a matter of fact, few artists, if any, would ever think of releasing two albums (among others of this caliber), just a few hours apart… Well the U.S. DJ has not only done it, but seems to want to do it again this year.

SKRLX” and “CONTRA” are most likely the shortened names of his upcoming LPs, and being fans of Sonny, we at EDM Lab can’t wait to see what your favorite producer’s favorite producer will come up with this time: simply Skrillex.



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