Martin Garrix, lots of IDs: the unexpected list


martin garrix

We already knew that Martin Garrix and his studio sessions are very much prolific. Now though, there is a list available. Evidence of how much of his music is still locked down in STMPD Studios. 

The catalyst seems to have been upcoming release announcement’s featuring Ryan Tedder’s One Republic, with whom the wonder guy has already collaborated. At the same time has been seen in the studio with Dan Smith’s Bastille through his Instagram feed. Resulting hype spurred fan page “themartingarrixhub” to draw up a list of his announced and not yet released productions.

In this second list drawn up by his fans since 2017, there is a bunch of unpublished collaborations. Among the best-known names are those of Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, and even Brooks, belonging to the STMPD roster.

Assuming this research is quite reliable, will we be so lucky to see these productions sooner or later published? While we wait can enjoy its latest release Drown, reviwed by us. We can also listen the last ID preview with John Martin’s vocals, a few days ago announced by Martin Garrix live on Instagram.



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