David Guetta plays a collab with Alesso at EDC Mexico

Among the many ID tracks played by David Guetta in recent times at major festivals around the world, there really is a chance to miss out on something really big. There are many, perhaps too many, but although our beloved releases one record a week, there will be a wait perhaps for quite a while for these to see the light of day.

Alesso David GuettaWe recently brought you the Frenchman’s remix for DJ producer Gigi D’Agostino’s hit. A track that we are sure you all know, namely “Bla Bla Bla Bla”, we have talked about it here but while we are on the notes of the recent remake of “Dragostea Din Tei” (listen it here) released on Friday, April 5, we scouted out another ID in pure EDM style, even a little old if you will, but one that we really like.

At EDC Mexico in fact, David Guetta played this collab with Alesso expected to be released this summer, at least according to what Guetta himself says during the worldwide premiere. The record, is supposed to be called “Never Going Home Tonight,” and as we said earlier, it brings us back to the purest “edm progressive” sounds. There is no definite data on who did the vocal, but we seem to recognize the voice of Lana Del Rey. We look forward to hearing from him, and of course we will keep you updated through our “Best of Today #Release” on this yet other new release by David Guetta.

Alesso meanwhile has launched his new label BODY HI.

We have extracted for you a recording of David Guetta’s DJ set at EDC Mexico, at the exact spot where the Frenchman plays this new collaboration with Alesso.



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