Charli XCX’s next album will be a return to dance music

“In my destiny lies the creation of dance music.” These are words spoken by Charli XCX about his long-awaited sixth studio album, thus suggesting a triumphant return to his Dance musical roots.

Charli XCX, an icon of innovative pop music, has always demonstrated a gift for mixing mainstream appeal with underground club subculture.

As a reminder, xcx6’s first excerpt “Von Dutch” marks his return after “Speed Drive,” a track released last year and also featured on the “Barbie” soundtrack. His sixth record work with the official name “Brat,” currently without a definite release date, is however expected in the summer and will contain as many as 15 tracks.

“My roots are in the clubs and this the album is what I’ve always wanted to make,” the 92′ British singer said in a post on X.




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