Ultra Miami mixed with GTA Vice City in the 2023 after-movie

A long time (too much) has passed since the 2023 edition of the Ultra Music Festival (Miami). We all were waiting for a worthy after-movie to celebrate the beautiful edition of this year and enter history. The long wait is finally over after six months. The reason is simple: match Miami’s music icon to one of the best videogames to represent the iconic city of Miami, GTA Vice City.

Ultra Europe 2023 LogoOnly the genius mind of FINAL KID, the historical director of UMF‘s after movies, could develop such an idea. And not because there weren’t enough highlights of spectacular moments from the UMF available. Why not blend UMF and one of the most iconic games settled in Miami? Well, this is pure fantasy.

In the meantime, Ultra Music Festival continues its run worldwide (here is our review of Ultra Europe), and dates and tickets for UMF 2024 are already available. Held at the Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami, the festival will be on 22, 23, and 24 March 2024.

Enjoy the after-movie below.

ULTRA VICE CITY: The Official Ultra Miami 2023 Aftermovie


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