Mixcloud Introduces 1000+ New Genres, 300+ Charts & New Tagging System

Mixcloud to announce some long-awaited changes massively expanded the names we recognize, with a database of over 1000 genres and subgenres!

Instead of ‘primary tags’ and ‘secondary tags,’ now have an interactive system that recognizes genres as you type them and lists out the various official iterations of that genre. For example, if you start typing ‘house,’ you’ll immediately be able to choose between ‘house,’ ‘acid house, ‘tech house,’ ‘afro house,’ and more. Like always, you can select five genre tags in total, using our database for each one.

These official tags will allow you to funnel your shows to the right listeners and connect you with other like-minded creators. There are more than 1000 recognized tags also include an expanded list of genres that have charts – 391 to be exact – allowing your shows and music scenes to be discovered by an ever-growing audience as part of their ongoing mission as a creator-first platform, listening to feedback from DJs and artists around the world and building tools to enable your creative projects. Check out the Mixcloud New House Genres below!


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