Lady Gaga join to Fortnite this Thursday

Five years ago, Lady Gaga shared a post on her social media that quickly went viral. The post, which sparked laughter among her fans, read: “What’s fortnight?”

lady gaga fortnite festival

In the past few hours, Lady Gaga brought back the same post to announce her arrival in the Epic Games title, specifically in the Fortnite Festival mode, a rhythm game mode in the style of Rock Band/Guitar Hero recently introduced in the game launcher.

In addition to her performance, her greatest musical hits will also be included, along with what appears to be at least one skin dedicated to the pop star.

So, Lady Gaga is also joining the long list of Pop and Dance artists participating in the Fortnite video game. The latest was Alan Walker, on the occasion of the presentation of his album WalkerWorld, which we told you about HERE.


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