Virtual Dj, the world’s most popular djing software in 2020 version

Today in our section MusicTech by EDM Lab we’re talking about Virtual Dj. The famous software house Atomix, known worldwide for its versatility and ease of use.Virtual Dj 2020

Proud users of Virtual Dj software for over 10 years, today we are pleased to talk about the 2020 version of the most talked about dj software in the world. Yes, chatty, because still today there are a number of unnecessary prejudices about this phenomenal software. It’s time to dispel some myths: if for many it seems too easy to use software, it’s probably because their needs are themselves ‘simple’. But if you are faced with the need to map a controller at will or if you want to try your hand at videomix, or rather you are not satisfied with the basic functions that are associated with your controller and want to move to the ‘pro level’, Virtual dj is the professional software for you.

The big Update of 2020, as always, is free for all users who already own a license (which we remind you, you can purchase only through the official website). At the time of writing, an official changelog with the news has not yet been released (we will update the article as soon as it is available), but we can already give you some goodies thanks to friends of DJTips who have made a tutorial.

  • New UI, more modern, flat and intuitive graphics than ever. Customisation of the colour range for greater contrast in all lighting conditions. The default skin also integrates numerous customizations for the waveform, its color and its positioning, counting beats, etc.. New also on the jogwheel info side, which is now customizable.
  • The PC version is now by default 64bit, more stable and with better responsiveness thanks to the integration with your video card.
  • Advanced Harmonic Mixing.
  • Event Scheduler
  • Added also new streaming services like: Beatport Link, iDJ Pool, Deezer, and SoundCloud.

We are sure that these are only a part of the many new features behind the scenes, waiting for an official changelog, we leave you with the presentation of that shows what we said above. Virtual Dj has always been a PRO software, but now it is rebuilt the dress. 



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