Laidback Luke: his knowledge affordable to every DJ

Laidback LukeIf you are looking for a new masterclass, Laidback Luke has the right choice for you! A new extensive online training course, in collaboration with Digital DJ Tips, is on the way!Laidback Luke’s Bootlegs, Mashups and & Re-edits is aimed for all the DJs who want to learn the noble art of the editing pre-live show.

This partnership rides the wave of the success previously gained by the parties with “Laidback Luke’s Creating DJing Course,” proposing itself as a follow-up of this first masterclass.

This course contains 41 video tutorials, possessing all the knowledge of Laidback Luke and lectured by himself. The students will learn how to master all the techniques for the preparation of a professional DJ set that, through mashups, bootlegs, and creative editings, may impress the crowd.

The launch date is scheduled for the 29th of September. Every student that will join by the first week of the course will benefit from a 35% reduction on the total amount of 297 $.

For those wishing to join to also other courses related to the world of the DJing, Digital DJ Tips, founded by Phil Morse, offers one of the best thematic pieces of training. It can boast a collection of over 25,000 students scattered in 163 countries!


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