Bitsong: music and blockchain come together!

The music and the cryptocurrencies worlds continue to integrate more and more rapidly – Bitsong is an open-source blockchain system born from the minds of Angelo Recca and Iulian Angelin , respectively CTO and General Manager of the project. The entire system of distribution and sale of music is involved, passing through the artist, the record labels, the professionals in the sector, up to all the fans and users.

This is a highly innovative system, as is based on the artists’ creation of a proprietary cryptocurrency. The latter, distributed to fans in the form of Fan-Token, will allow them to become part of the artist’s entire ecosystem. Fans will be able to try their hand at trading, buy, sell, exchange, have access to exclusive content and be an integral part of the artistic choices of their favorite. The artist, for his part, will be able to accelerate his career.

Bitsong’s cryptocurrency, BTSG , and Fan-Tokens, will be available for purchase at Sinfonia, the world’s first Fan-Token digital exchange. The next step after the launch of Sinfonia will be the integration of NFT within Bitsong, with the introduction of tickets, music, works of art and memorabilia.

By means of all these innovations, Bitsong is ready to make the music industry take the final step: the complete integration of music and blockchain. More information on official site of Bitsong .



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