How to listen to Ultra Music Festival Virtual sets

As many will know, this year Ultra Music Festival will not go on because of the COVID-19 outbreak. A few days ago the staff announced that it would propose for the days 20,21 and 22 March 2020 a live livestreaming of some of the most important DJ sets, made exclusively.

Ultra Europe 2017Seems that the virtual experience of Ultra Music Festival is exclusive to the American radio station SIRIUSXM.

From our research you have to follow some steps to be able to listen to the radio via internet on your computer.

Ultra Music Festival Virtual will be broadcast on Channel 52 , from 10 PM (EST) which in Italy corresponds to 3 am. 

To access the brand bouquet of Sirius XM unfortunately you have to be on the American internet network, in Europe is not allowed, but you can use a free VPN network to connect and listen, here is our guide.

1 – Choose a free VPN network from your browser, here are some examples:



2 – Make sure you have chosen a server in the USA for your VPN.

3 – Click on the SIRIUS XM ch 52 player link: HERE

Note: listening is free for 6 hours. After this period, SIRIUSXM will ask you to register a free account which will entitle you to a 30-day trial version.

This should be the timetable.


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