[SPOILER] Tomorrowland 2020 – Discover new theme

The historic 15th edition of Tomorrowland, the #1 EDM festival in Europe that brought the whole world together for two weekends, has just come to an end. Edition characterized by many exclusive DJ sets such as the iconic performance of Armin Van Buuren at W2, the various closings of 3 Are Legend, and much, much more!

Our collaborator Pierpaolo (aka Luminhertz) lived the event live and in addition to giving us some beautiful exclusive shots – that you can find on our facebook pagehe maybe discovered what could be the most probable theme for the 2020 edition of Tomorrowland.

Starting from this photo (click on the photo to enlarge it) we can see that this year the theme was “The Book Of Wisdom: The Return” and that the mainstage was made as a representation of a giant library. Among the various books in the set, in addition to the tribute to Tim Bergling (Avicii), our Luminhertz has noticed a strange title that could be a resounding spoiler for the next edition of Tomorrowland.




This blue book (figure below) that “should” show the number of the 2020 edition (the 16th) is called “Pyramid from Space”, along with some symbols from space, perhaps moon phases. This, according to our collaborator LuminHertz, should be the theme of the sixteenth edition of the tomorrowland to be held the next 17th, 18th and 19th July 2020 (W1) – 24th, 25th, and 26th July 2020 (W2).

We believe that our collaborator’s intuition is founded because the various books represented in this year’s set show the names of the various past editions of Tomorrowland: The Book of Wisdom (2012), The Arising of Life (2013), The Key To Happiness (2014), The Secret Kingdom of Melody (2015), The elixir of life (2016), Amicorum Spectaculum (2017), The Story of Planaxis (2018), The Book of Wisdom: the return (2019) plus other titles that refer to some minor stages such as “The mirror”, “The Rose Garden” and the name of the hill on which the festival is made: Chattahoochee Heel.

Logically, that number “20” brings you back to the next edition and that subtitle, so far never used, could designate the theme of the 2020 edition.

As a further reinforcement of the theory, Luminhertz told us that during the Brussels/Boom flight, he received as a gadget this mask for the face that shows the phases of the moon, the same drawn on that blue book with the number “20”.

In short, a mainstage that contains the history of almost all the editions of Tomorrowland plus a gadget with mysterious symbols: all clues that lead to a single conclusion: Tomorrowland 2020 should bear the subtitle of “Pyramid from Space“.

The theory proposed by the EDM Lab collaborator seems more than well-founded, but the staff has not yet released any information about it from the next edition of Tomorrowland 2020. We just have to fantasize a little and wait.


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