Netsky talks about latest album ‘Second Nature’ [Interview]

Netsky, one of the biggest names who has dominated the drum & bass scene with the highest caliber of electronic anthems for over a decade and cutting edge production, is returning to Hospital Records. In April of this year, Netsky released “I See The Future In Your Eyes,” a new drum & bass single via Hospital,  and then “Mixed Emotions,” it was revealed that those two singles were part of his album and now is being a success.

A few days after the new album release, Netsky kindly took some time to chat with EDMLab about ‘Second Nature.’

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  • Sebastián: Boris, thanks for joining us today, great to see that you’re back releasing music! How has life been for you as a producer in the COVID era? While this surely presents many challenges, what have been some of the highlights of the past few months for you?

Netsky: I worked on lots of music and tried to develop a perfect indoor jungle for my live streams. I’ve also recently started working on a restaurant I’m gonna open in Antwerp. I had a lot of fun with that!

  • S: Tell us about the first idea that you came across the idea of “Second Nature.”

N: I really wanted to create an album that represented the atmosphere I felt when I was just getting started 10 years ago. We spoke to Hospital Records about it, and they loved the idea!

  • S: And what meaning does this new album have for you in your personal life and your artistic career?

N: For me, it’s a throwback to my roots. Both musically but also personally. My dad was one of the reasons I started producing. He brought me up with his record collection, and I sampled many of his favorite songs when I first started. That’s what I did again with this album.

  • S: Can you tell us how long you have been working on this project? As the pandemic has affected this release?

N: It didn’t affect the making of the album too much. Most of the songs were written this year. I was lucky I had almost all vocals recorded just before Europe went into lockdown.

  • S: Do you have a favorite Second Nature song? Or are they all your favorites?

N: First time, I have a clear favorite. For me, it’s ‘Hold On’ with Becky Hill. It’s a song about missing someone and struggling to get through a relationship while being far away from each other.

  • S: Looking as far back as ‘Netsky’ in 2010, so far, how would you say your music has evolved?

N: I had a lot of fun experimenting with other genres. I learned a lot from working with Stargate and David Guetta in LA. It had a big impact on how I do sessions now. This album is made the way I made my first record in 2010, though.

Netsky on Twitter:

  • S: I’ve been following you and trying to identify some songs that have not been released so far, is there a possibility to hear them on this album or an EP in the future? ID from Netsky LIVE (2017), Mixmag (2015), Tomorrowland Winter?

N: Lots of ID’s floating around! I plan to release everything when and where it makes sense in 2021.

  • S: For any other professional in the industry, and especially emerging producers of the drum n bass genre, do you have any suggestions to maintain creativity and positivity during this challenging time?

N: It’s a new world for beginning producers for sure! I think the same rules still apply, though. Send your music to your favorite producer. Try to get picked up by people with radio shows or live streams. In terms of development in the studio, try collaborating with other new producers (even over the internet). The online community is more active than ever.

  • S: As we look ahead for the future, what is one goal you’re hoping to achieve by the end of 2020 and one by the end of next year? Could you anticipate whether you are planning on releasing something new by the end of the year?

N: Hoping to make it to New Zealand by the end of the year, where it’s still possible to do large shows as of now.

  • S: I think we’re all like the fan dancing on your Studio Brussel Cafe Quarantaine live set, so any message for the excited the drum and bass community that has been waiting for new music?

N: Ha dancing guy! It feels great seeing your reactions to my new music. Been itching to rerelease some drum & bass! I can’t wait to hear your reactions to the album!

Sebastian Zapata –

‘Second Nature’ – Is Out Now!. Stream / Buy it here Netsky – Second Nature


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