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Marc Benjamin

This month EDM Lab presenting a Q&A with Marc Benjamin. EDM veteran and big producer, Marc tells us some anecdotes and reveals some preferences.


Hi Marc, thanks for being here on EDM Lab, the Italian blog on the Electronic Dance Music, mainly focused on the new releases.

  • Your career as a DJ starts at the age of 16. We are aware that you grew up in a family of artists and that your sister is a DJ as well. Was it her the one that inspired and introduced you to the world of DJing? Please, share some anecdotes with your fans.

In addition to DJing now, my sister back then was also starting to become a successful professional MC.  She was performing at all the big events in The Netherlands. As a younger brother I was really proud of her! She knew how much I loved music and how many hours I was practicing to become a DJ.  Shortly after my thirteenth birthday, she snuck me inside the clubs and sometimes she told the DJs and promoters I was also DJ-ing. The promoters were shocked that a kid of my age was DJ’ing. Luckily for me, the hype around DJ’s was not as big as it is these days, so they were letting me play a few records. What started out as a joke, ended up in full sets in local bars and clubs.  Although I was going to high school, to be honest, I was totally focused on my weekly DJ residency in a local bar. When I turned sixteen, things became much easier, and I started doing professional gigs in the Netherlands. Lots of people and promoters started asking me to play at their parties, and during that time I was also asked to become a resident DJ of a party that became one of the biggest events in the Netherlands and housed names like Afrojack, Hardwell, R3HAB, and Fedde Le Grand.


  • You recently proposed a remake of “Blue” by Eiffel 65. Please, tell us more.

Yes, it’s such an big honor to work on a classic like that. That song was big 20 years ago and I’m so happy I could give my spin to it.  I remember that song from when I was younger I thought it was the right time now to come up with a new version.


  • You realized over 60 among records, collaborations, and remixes for DJs. You published in the most important labels in the EDM environment. Would you like to share some memories or anecdotes? Who did you particularly enjoy working with? Any “weird stuff” or just an amusing situation that you would like to share?

After 2011 I had a break of two years  and started back producing again and releasing songs on Dim Mak / Mixmash / Revealed this was around 2013 after Tiësto picked up a song of mine that he played in his radio show, then I was fully making progressive songs and hit the beatport charts with my song riser on Aftojack’s Wall recording. Later on in 2014 / 2015 I did two collobartions with Laidback Luke, Benny Benassi and did remixes for Zedd and later start releasing music on Steve Angellos’s on Size Records, Spinnin, Protocol, and finally my debut on Heldeep with Wild Bill. Definitely my latest collab with Fedde Le Grand, really enjoying working with him since I’ve always looked up to him since the early days of my career as example.


  • Is there any artist, at this moment, that you would like to collaborate with?

Yes, it would be a dream to work on something with Axwell, Ingrosso or Steve Angello I’ve been looking up to them since I was a child! Also a collab with Zedd would be a big accomplishment in my career.
Si, sarebbe un sogno lavorare con qualcuno quale Axwell, Ingrosso, o Steve Angello. Li seguo da quando ero un bambino. Inoltre, una collaborazione con Zedd sarebbe un grande traguardo per la mia carriera.

  • Listening to some of your older productions/remixes, we noticed some Trance/Progressive tendencies. Can we state that these are among your favorite genres?

Yes, like I always say, the melody will always win! I would never forget about progressive and will always try to release it every now and then, keep an eye on my next single! It will be very similar to my old sounds but with a 2020 feel ☺


  • After ten years of activity in the EDM world, what are your impressions about the EDM? Where do you think that are we going in the next future?

From my experience in the past 10 years I realized these days that music production is the key, there’s always a hype or a popular new sound that comes and goes.. if you can be that artist who can create a new sound then your odds are very high to become successful in this scene. I’ve seen many artists come and go, the key is to stay relevant and surviving all the new genres 🙂 so I think there will be a lot of new music styles in the future.


  • EDM lab follows you for many years, supporting you during our radio show “Best of Today #Release. Would you like to share some of your next musical projects? What should we expect from you in the upcoming months?

Im actually experimenting with this new sound like in ‘Horizons’ so expect a lot of cool melodies with a progressive twist. I’ve got a few cool releases lined up until summer that are all more similar in terms of sound I really hope people will like it.


Thanks for being with us. We value and appreciate your time.


Davide Ippolito – CEO

Translater: Giacomo Di Mauro



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